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TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment

TMJ is an inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, the joint between your jawbone and your skull. You can feel this joint on your cheek just below and slightly in front of your earlobe.

Woman experiencing jaw pain

Inflammation in this joint causes the painful symptoms associated with TMJ, including jaw pain, headaches, facial pain, and difficulty chewing.


TMJ is diagnosed with a careful assessment of your symptoms and examination of your mouth and jaws for signs and causes of inflammation. TMJ can be caused by stress, bite alignment issues, chewing gum or fingernails, or conditions such as arthritis.


Treatment for TMJ is aimed at reducing the inflammation and treating its cause. We may recommend a variety of treatments including anti-inflammatory medication, massage, stretches, bite appliances or orthodontic correction or physiotherapy.

If you are suffering from chronic jaw pain and/or headaches, you may have TMJ. Call us to book an examination.